Can MMA Fighters Make Love During Fight Camp?

Even the most casual MMA fans know that fighters aren’t supposed to make love during fight camp. Is there any truth to this statement?  We have heard of fighters say that they refrain from such activities during fight camp. One of them is Mohamed Ali who is said to stay away from the game for … Read more

Do MMA Fighters Drink Alcohol During Training Camp?

We have seen a lot of MMA fighters who are associated with alcohol in the past few years. While some are known to have drinking problems, some just enjoy a couple of sips once in a while. Then some fighters strictly avoid alcohol. But the fighters who drink alcohol, do they change their habits during … Read more

How Is The Power Of A Punch Measured?

Punch power is an important aspect in MMA as well as boxing, it gives us a rough idea of how the match could play. In boxing, punching power could essentially decide the outcome.  Professional athletes can punch much harder than the average man. But how exactly is punch-power measured?  You might have seen a machine … Read more

Why Do Heavyweight Fighters Have Longer Careers?

Why do heavyweight fighters have longer careers than lightweight fighters? If you take a glimpse at the current heavyweight and lightweight division, you’d see a noticeable difference in their age. While the lightweights are young, the heavyweights are at an age where they should be retired.  What is more amazing is that heavyweights seem to … Read more

Do UFC Fighters Get A Pension?

Whether they get it or not, you got to agree that they deserve it. Every UFC fighter puts their life on the line during a fight. Behind the scenes, they go through hell during the training camp and the weight cut.  A lot of competitors in MMA have mentioned that their medical bills add up … Read more

Can UFC Fighters Have Other Sponsors During Fight Week?

Can UFC fighters wear other sponsors’ outfits during fight week? With fighters walking out to the cage with several sponsors around their apparel, the question on everyone’s mind is, do they get paid for it? Obviously, most of those sponsors are in a deal with the UFC. So some might think that only the UFC … Read more

What Do MMA Fighters Do Usually After Retirement?

MMA is still a growing sport, it doesn’t have the same revenue that sports like basketball, football, or boxing can bring. This means that the fighters who sacrifice their mind and bodies for the sport receive relatively small payments. Unless you are a fighter who headlines PPVs, chances are the money that you make in … Read more

Are There Any MMA Fighters Showing Signs Of Brain Damage?

You got to wonder with MMA fighters and boxers taking hundreds of thousands of blows to the head while training and during fights, do they get any brain damage? The truth is they do get a lot of brain damage. It has been called many different terms, but today it is called “chronic traumatic brain … Read more

How Much Do MMA Managers Make?

In a fighter’s MMA career, the manager plays a huge role. Find a good manager, and he’ll sign you up with an elite promotion, get you noticed, get you good fights, and if you have the skill he could propel your career to be the main event fighter.  With the importance of a manager’s role, … Read more

What Happened To Pride FC & How The UFC Bought It Out?

Pride Fighting Championship (Pride FC or Pride) was a mixed martial arts promotion that originated in Japan. Pride FC was founded in 1997 by businessman, Nobuyuki Sakakibara, in Tokyo, Japan.  It was easily the biggest MMA promotion in the world in the early 2000s. Some people who had been MMA fans since the Pride FC … Read more