UFC Performance Institute Vs. UFC Gyms, The Differences

UFC Performance Institute Vs. UFC Gyms, what is the difference? UFC Gyms are highly reliable and effective but they are less efficient compared to the UFC Performance Institute which has a lot of high-level technology machines and devices in its facilities. The UFC Performance Institute is for athletes only, especially those from UFC. UFC athletes … Read more

Top 5 MMA Promotions in Texas

In this article, you will find the top 5 MMA organizations in the state of Texas. 1. Xtreme Knockout  Widely regarded as the top MMA promotion in Texas. The MMA & Muay Thai promotion has grown exponentially over the past few years. Located in Arlington, Texas, Xtreme Knockout has live events with a mixture of … Read more

Top 9 MMA Promotions in California

In this article, you will find the top 8 MMA organizations in the state of California.  1. 209 Beatdown An American MMA promotion located at 525 N Center St, Stockton, CA 95202, United States, run by JR entertainment. The promotion is devoted to creating chances for amateur fighters to grow through its affiliation with the … Read more

Top 5 MMA Promotions in New York

Here is a list of the best of the best MMA organizations in New York 1. Extreme Cage Fighting Based out of Brooklyn, New York, and founded by Christin Defiris in 2014, the promotion has been revolutionary in the MMA scene in New York. The promotion was the next step in the journey of former … Read more

How Can I Become An MMA Referee?

In order to become a professional MMA referee, there is a path that you need to follow. Here is a step-by-step guide on how you can become a referee. First, understand the job of MMA referee Before you set your mind to become an MMA referee, you should know exactly what you are signing up … Read more

Did Pride FC Fix Fights?

At the beginning of MMA, before it grew into mass media, Pride Fighting Championships used to match American and Japanese fighters against each other. In these first fights, many fans noticed that in some bouts the match would go down quickly and without serious injury or surprise. Fixed fights existed since martial arts entered the … Read more

Did Pride FC Allow Steroid Use?

Pride Fighting Championships was the biggest MMA promotion in the world during its timeline from 1997-to 2007. The days when the Pride Fighting Championship existed are still known as the glory days of MMA. Are steroids the reason for this fame? Before we judge Pride FC, let’s first understand the historical context of the use … Read more

How To Watch Rizin With English Commentary?

Rizin Fighting Federation has now a roster of excellent fighters. Though it is not a top-tier MMA promotion as of today, the company is building a name for itself rapidly. Ever since this organization surfaced in 2015, it has seen rapid growth and started attracting viewers from all over the globe. This has led to … Read more

Are UFC Fights Fixed or Rigged?

UFC fixing fights is a speculation that has been around ever since the UFC existed. A lot of events have further contributed to the fans who are troubled by this assumption.  One of them being, UFC signing pro wrestling stars like Brock Lesner and CM Punk. Obviously, WWE and other pro-wrestling promotions are fixed. This … Read more

Top 5 MMA Organizations In The Middle East

With the popularity of the sport reaching new heights every single day, the Middle East has also caught up to this rising phenomenon.  More and more promotions are surfacing rapidly, and we are seeing some extraordinary talent come out of that region. A few well-known fighters from the region are Mohammed Fakhreddine, Jarrah Al-Silawi, and … Read more