Why Do MMA Fighters Have More Losses Than Boxers?

When you look at some of Boxing’s greatest like Mohamed Ali (56 wins, 5 losses), Floyd Mayweather ( 50 wins, no loss), Tyson Fury (30 wins, 1 draw), Rocky Marciano (49 wins, no loss) then compare this with MMA’s greatest such as George St. Pierre (26 wins, 2 losses), Anderson Silva ( 34 wins, 11 … Read more

How Often Should MMA Fighters Run? Sprint Or Long Distance?

Over the years, there has been widespread debate and indecisiveness on the importance of running in MMA. With a lot of athletes recently abstaining completely from all roadwork, while on the flip side, there are also a lot of athletes who engage in a lot of running during and off fight camps. So what is … Read more

How Often Do MMA Fighters Get Injured?

It wouldn’t be a complete year in the world of MMA if there weren’t numerous high-profile fights called off due to injuries. As frustrating as it might be for fight fans, it happens, so to help ease this frustration, we’ll be talking about some of the most common injuries in MMA, and how often they … Read more

How Often Should MMA Fighters Lift Weight?

Weightlifting or strength training is an important facet of any athlete’s exercise and training regimen. The importance of strength training to the athlete is wide and vast, as it reduces the risk of injuries, improves explosiveness and conditioning and aids in reducing body fat composition. For Mixed Martial Artists, these advantages are even more pronounced … Read more

Things That Chimaev Needs To Work On To Defeat Kamaru?

Every once in a while in the world of MMA and the UFC, a fighter breaks into the scene and just seems to take the MMA world by storm. The hype and potential such fighter carries comes with an inevitability, that one day, they’ll eventually become champion. We saw it in Conor McGregor, Khabib Nurmagomedov, … Read more

How Do Fighters Deal With Defeat In Front Of Crowds?

You’ve just received blow after blow to your body and your head, with blood running down your face; and in front of the lights, it’s announced that you have officially lost the fight, in front of thousands and millions of people all over the world. Sounds embarrassing, doesn’t it? Well, that’s what fighters go through … Read more

How Does Menstruation Affect Female Fighters?

For some reason, this topic has gone under the radar in the world of sports in general, it has been treated as a “taboo topic” in many respects by both men and women. Perhaps, maybe some women might feel ashamed to talk about it, or some men might not understand, but whatever the reason is, … Read more

How Much Do UFC Prelim Fighters Get Paid?

The topic of fighters’ pay in the UFC has been a recurring one for many years now.  Even more so in the last few months, with popular YouTuber Jake Paul taking several swipes at UFC President Dana White for underpaying fighters. Recently, undisputed UFC heavyweight champion Francis “The Predator” Ngannou also made the headlines for … Read more

What is the UFC Belt made out of?

At the end of a UFC title match, when the ring announcer (usually the legendary Bruce Buffer) echoes out the results of the fight, accompanied by the tag “…and new!”, in the case of a new champion, or “…and still!”, in the case of a successful title defense, the following ceremonial activity involves adorning the … Read more

Do UFC Champions Keep Their Belts or Get New Ones?

There is an iconic photo of former UFC flyweight god, Demetrius “Mighty Mouse” Johnson, posing with twelve UFC Classic Championship belts that signified each of his twelve victories in UFC title fights (11 successful defenses and the initial win).  That photo pretty much answers the question on whether UFC champions get new belts for every … Read more