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Can Steroids/PEDs Help You Win an MMA Fight?

Can Steroids Help You Win a Fight?

Well, steroids are called performance enhancement drugs (PEDs) for a reason.

They can enhance elements of your performance such as recovery, strength, stamina, etc.

Depending on what you take.

However, without the proper training, method, and even genetics there is never a guarantee that you will win a fight if you dope.

The chances of winning your first fight against someone with a bit more training and experience are slim even with PEDs.

Steroids can help fighters make more matches since their recovery time is less due to the drugs.

The latter can lead to more training and matches.

Furthermore, the more practice one has in both fields (training and fighting) the better you would get.

And this, in theory, could improve the chances of you winning a fight.

Do Steroids Make You Hit Harder?

Steroids can help the muscle get bigger, and to a certain extent stronger.

Depending on what type of PEDs you use.

But, if you do not know how to throw a proper punch or land a kick then it does not matter.

How Do Steroids and PEDs Actually Improve a Fighter?

To start with, you need to know that there are different types of steroids and PEDs that some MMA fighters have used or even are using.

This means that they can provide different types of benefits for a fight.

And, that the PEDs/steroids have different lifespans in the body.

For example, to help them build their strength during training they may turn to Turinabol (TBol) closer to their fights, Halotestin for aggression, and Cardarine for stamina.

However, the most commonly used method is not a steroid but instead it is a type of hormone therapy called TRT (Testosterone Replacement Therapy).

It is when MMA fighters replace their natural hormones (such as testosterone, growth hormones, etc.) with synthetic hormones.

The latter can help improve energy, as well as be beneficial for bone density, muscles, and even improve cardio effects.

While different types of PEDs can target certain aspects of the body for enhancement, the overall result is that these drugs are mostly used for recovery.

During a fight and even training for that matter, the muscles get damaged.

So much so, that getting off the sofa afterwards can be a dream.

Hence, the desire for fighters to take steroids so that their bodies can heal quicker leaving more time for training, and fights.

However, PEDs do not replace genetics, training and talent.

So, there is no guarantee that “juicing” will lead to a win without the talent, and training behind it.

Since the regulation of doping is getting heavy on MMA fighters, the best thing for you to do is not to dope and roll with the kicks and punches.

Both physically as well as metaphorically.