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Do female MMA fighters wear cups?

Mixed martial arts are still one of the most intense and physically demanding sports there is. 

When the sport began, there were not a lot of rules but that has changed due to many injuries during fights especially because of below-the-belt blows. 

These have become illegal in the sport across all leagues due to the fact that they can really cause serious damage. 

The rules have made some protection mandatory, although they are different for both male and female fighters.

Do female fighters wear cups?

The short answer? 

No, female fighters are not required to wear groin protective cups like men.

However, groin hits are still banned in fights across all competitions and can lead to point reductions or straight disqualification. 

Although they are not required, female fighters have begun using protective gear in training to make sure they are still protected from groin hits that can cause everlasting bleeding, internal damage, or abdominal pain.  

Many female fighters, MMA trainers, and fans have been raising their voices to advocate for more midsection protection during their fights.   

Meanwhile, women are required to wear a chest protector under their shirt and bra to protect them against any hits in the chest region. 

The chest protector has many benefits. 

They provide shock resistance to minimize any tissue damage or pain to a female’s chest, and they can also give female fighters a sense of safety knowing they are protected.  

In conclusion, women are not required to wear protective groin cups like men, but are required to wear chest protectors to protect that delicate region.