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How Can I Watch Professional Fighters League (PFL)?

Professional Fighters League (PFL) is one of the top MMA promotions in the world. Watching PFL has been made really easy through TV with English commentary and also through several live streaming platforms.

Here, I guide you through all available options for anyone looking to watch live PFL shows or match replays.

Where can I watch Professional Fighters League on TV with English commentary?

  1. ESPN

ESPN covers thousands of live sports events and it is the top streaming site for Professional Fighters League shows. 

ESPN is available for audiences in the USA and provides live English commentary. 

ESPN Player provides a live service for PFL events. To watch live shows, users need to pay a monthly subscription fee of $13.99 or an annual subscription of $99.99.

Subscribers can pay through credit cards or PayPal.

ESPN + allows you to experience MMA reimagined with exclusive access to PFL full events, highlights, original series, and more.

 ESPN+ provides past events, highlights of previous fights, and some original series such as the Randy Couture Story, Fantastic Finishes, Inside the Season, A Champion’s Journey, etc.

The ESPN+ app gives you the option of watching on TV, mobile phones, tablets, and more.

  1. Fite TV

Fite TV is an alternative site to watch PFL.

Fite requires a subscription and is one of the best options if you prefer to watch on TV.

It is also one of the best options because it provides English commentary. Fite TV is available across Australia, Ireland, and other European countries.

Fite TV allows you to connect your mobile device and your smart TV with the help of an app to enable you to watch events live.

After downloading and opening the Fite app, connect your smart TV to the same Wi-Fi network as your mobile device, and you will instantly get the connection and enjoy the option to watch PFL events live on TV.

Which other sites can I use to watch Professional Fighting Championship online?

  1. WATAAA TV – Fight Channel

WATAAA is the premium combat channel broadcasting mostly all types and forms of fighting: from Professional Fighting Championship to documentaries, from MMA to wrestling.

  1. YouTube

PFL MMA is the official YouTube channel.

Here, you can find most of the updated uploads and highlights on previous PFL matches.

YouTube uploads are very insightful, especially if you’re starting your journey as a new Professional Fighting Championship fan.

A list of other sites and platforms you could use are MBC, PFL Fight Central, Bild, First Fighting Channel, Dsport, RMC Sport, Globo, TSN, MMA TV, etc.