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How To Watch AMC Fight Nights?

AMC Fight Nights (previously Fight Night Global) is a Russian MMA organization. It is definitely one of the largest MMA promotion companies in the world.

Here, I guide you through all available options for anyone seeking to watch live AMC Fight Nights shows.

Where can I watch AMC Fight Nights on TV with English commentary?

1. Fite TV

Fite Tv is a major broadcast site for Fight Night Global. Fite TV is available worldwide.

You only need to sign-up to be able to watch replays, even better, you just need $12.99 for a monthly subscription on Fite and $49.99 for an annual subscription to stream ad-free Fight Night Global Events.

You get a 14 days free trial on a TrillerVerz subscription to watch Fight Nights Global on Fite TV. Fite TV gives you live streaming with English commentary.

Fite TV enables you to watch live events even easier by connecting your mobile device to a smart TV via an app.

FITE+ provides a special variety of premium events alongside 140+ PPV cards from Boxing, Pro Wrestling, MMA, & other combat sports!

2. Match TV

In the 6th year in the history of Fight Nights Global, 2016, it started broadcasting through a television agreement with Match TV.

The channel is one of the leading sports channels in Russia and it broadcasts Fight Night Global events from time to time. 

It provides commentary in Russian and if you live in Russia, this one is for you. Also, Russia 2 is another channel that frequently shows AMC fights.


On BETBOOM, watch free live streams of Fight Nights Global. Betboom provides Videos and news about FNG. It provides replays of live events. 

If you want a site that focuses only on Fight Night Global, Betboom is the right place to visit.

It streams a lot of events and provides location, time, fight card, etc.

4. VK Video

This is another solid site where you can rewatch full events, highlights and get updates about Fight Night Global fights.

The site drops videos from tournaments and events in the form of series.

The page has 2,475 FNG videos you can watch to help build your interest in the promotion.

5. YouTube

FNG’s YouTube page is a no-miss. It is one of the best and biggest avenues to learn about Fight Night Global.

The YouTube page of FNG is FIGHT NIGHTS GLOBAL TV. The page has over 828k subscribers.

It consists of FNG full fights replays, highlights, weigh-ins and press conferences, etc.