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How To Watch Rizin With English Commentary?

Rizin Fighting Federation has now a roster of excellent fighters. Though it is not a top-tier MMA promotion as of today, the company is building a name for itself rapidly.

Ever since this organization surfaced in 2015, it has seen rapid growth and started attracting viewers from all over the globe.

This has led to a lot of platforms and TV channels trying to strike deals with the promotion. With the number of viewers rising day by day, there are a few ways you can get to watch the action. 

1. Fite TV

Since Rizin is a Japanese promotion, it is hard to find proper English commentary. Fite TV is one of the best platforms to watch Rizin with an English commentary.

Ever since Fite TV launched in 2016, the primary focus has been on MMA along with other combat sports. Rizin Fighting Federation is also included in their library of entertainment. Live Rizin events are also possible with Fite TV.

Fite TV app is available for Android and IOS devices. Or you can register via the website.

Subscription for Fite TV costs just $4.99 a month or $49.99 a year.

2. Rizin Live

Another way to watch Rizin FC is through Rizin Live. This is the original broadcasting platform for this promotion. You can buy online live tickets through the platform during the event.

Rewind and catchup options are not included, so you would have to watch it live. 

Buying an online ticket is a bit more costly as it costs 5000 yen. That is around $46.

This stream does not offer commentary. So for $46, you will only receive a live stream. 

3. Live Now

Rizin’s partnership with LiveNow started in 2021. This will feature English commentary from Joe Ferraro and Rizin veteran Jhonny Case.

This is the platform on which you can purchase Rizin PPVs. In 2021 Rizin PPVs are priced at $24.99.

4. Replay on different TV channels

In the US, Rizin is broadcast live at around 3 AM in the morning. This poses a huge challenge to watch live events. If you do not want to pay $25 to $50 to watch a Rizin event half asleep, you could wait for the replay on TV.

TV channels such as:

Spike TV, Cox TV, Fox Sports Brazil, and a few more, provide Rizin events after the live event has ended.