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Why Does John Morgan Get The First Question in Press Conferences?

For the new MMA enthusiasts, John Morgan is a veteran MMA journalist covering the sport professionally since 2007.

He is the lead reporter for which is widely popular among MMA fans.

And he always asks the first question in UFC press conferences, but why?

In this article, we look at a few of the possible reasons.

Morgan is respected across the MMA community

With a calm demeanor, Morgan is widely known and respected by UFC officials and fans likewise.

He is known for his neutral questions, asking just the right things and not delving too deep into controversies.

Morgan is also supposedly UFC President Dana White’s favorite because his questions set the right tone for the rest of the press conference.

Known for his hard work

Morgan is one of the oldest MMA journalists out there and has won the MMA Journalist of the Year award in 2009 while being nominated every year for a decade since.

His commitment to the professional coverage of the fights led to being awarded the MMA Media Outlet of the Year four times. 

He is the first person at the press conferences

According to many sources, Morgan is the first person to arrive at the press conferences which goes again to show his dedication to his work. 

In a tweet, fellow MMA journalist Aaron Bronsteter replied to the same question saying,

“John is almost always first in line at check-in and is highly respected in the space. It has almost become a tradition at this point. It’s a testament to how hard-working (John Morgan) is”.

It’s a tradition at this point

Though John Morgan always gets the first question in, some fans have taken to social media to their resentment at the tradition.

They are of the opinion that Morgan avoids hard questions which makes him UFC’s favorite, while other fans rallied to support him dismissing the critique as a shallow perspective on a hardworking MMA enthusiast.