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Welcome to MMA Panda, the heartbeat of the martial arts world… We are your go-to source for everything related to Mixed Martial Arts, from knock-out interviews with fighters to expert opinion pieces, playful martial arts quizzes and more!

Azeddine Bouhmidi 1st round TKO

The first round of our journey into the spotlight of combat sports media began with Azeddine Bouhmidi, a kickboxing coach from Barcelona, Spain. As a passionate blogger with over 12 years of martial arts experience, Azeddine has inspired the community with his insightful MMA articles and is now serving martial artists by dedicating his time towards teaching.

In our next chapter, under the stewardship of Nathan Tam, MMA Panda has expanded into a global haven for martial arts enthusiasts. Nathan, a martial artist with over 14 years of experience across Muay Thai, Boxing, and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, and the entrepreneurial spirit behind Submission Shark, has inspired MMA Panda to reinvent itself as a community-driven brand.

With his experience in building partnerships and collaborations, Nathan has brought together a diverse group of writers, editors, and designers from around the world to create content that resonates with our audience. Directories for MMA gyms, coverage of local and international events, and exclusive interviews with top athletes are just a few examples of the content we offer at MMA Panda.

The MMA Panda Mission

MMA Panda is on a mission to captivate and expand the world of mixed martial arts media. We embody passion and excellence, ensuring that our community of readers is always at the forefront of what’s happening in the dynamic world of MMA.

We strive to be a supporting pillar for the community, recognizing that inclusivity and diversity are not just buzzwords but the essence of a vibrant martial arts landscape. Innovation, integrity, and dedication are the guiding principles that underpin our engaging content and genuine narratives.

Core Values

The culture at MMA Panda is driven by a set of unwavering core values:

  • Passion: Our love for martial arts and media excellence fuels our drive to bring you captivating stories and fresh perspectives.
  • Community: We believe in fostering a sense of belonging by highlighting diverse voices and creating space where all fans and fighters feel welcomed.
  • Innovation: We are committed to bringing innovation into how combat sports are represented, delivering content that’s as dynamic as the sports we cover.
  • Integrity: Uncompromising integrity is at the core of our content creation and business practices – truth and authenticity govern our work.
  • Empowerment: Contributing to the growth of fighters and fans alike, we shine a light on journeys within the ring and beyond, empowering the martial arts fraternity to achieve greatness.
  • Education: We provide comprehensive guides for mixed martial artists and we also help you to find the best MMA gyms near you, taking the guesswork out of beginning or continuing your martial arts journey.

How You Can Be a Part of MMA Panda

Our media palette is rich and varied – we deliver exclusive interviews from inside the ring, craft nuanced opinion pieces that delve deep into the sport’s heart, provide guides to discovering MMA gyms, and keep the spirits high with MMA quizzes and games. Our content isn’t just consumed; it’s experienced and lived, resonating with a global audience hungry for authenticity and excitement.

Join us at MMA Panda as we continue to champion the world of martial arts media, bridging the gap between the sport and its culture. Connect with us below if you have a story to share, or if you’re simply a passionate fan looking to join our community. This is MMA Panda – where every fighter has a story, and every fan has a home.

Follow us for the latest updates, highlights, and behind-the-scenes moments from the world of MMA. If you are a creator looking to collaborate with us, contact us below and let’s work together to grow mixed martial arts and its community.

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