Here is Why You Should Never Trust UFC Rankings

The UFC rankings are built around the belt holder, the undisputed best fighter in the division. The rankings consist of the top15 fighters in the division, besides the champion.  The list is updated weekly, within 48 hours after each fight card. This means it is regularly tinkered with, erratic and subject to all sorts of … Read more

What Are The Most Commonly Used Steroids By MMA Fighters?

The use of steroids and PEDs (performance enhancement drugs) is often common play when it comes to fighting sports such as MMA on a professional, and competitive level. There are many different types. However, we have narrowed it down to seven of the most commonly used steroids in MMA. 1. HGH Human Growth Hormone (HGH) … Read more

Which Professional Fighters Have Been/Are on Keto?

You cannot be a top MMA fighter without a good, and steady diet backing you up. Training and fights take up a ton of energy, not only physically but mentally too. While carbs are a go-to for fighters some have dipped their tongues into a keto diet. Here are some of the fighters that have … Read more

Why is IV Rehydration Banned in The UFC?

IV (intravenous) rehydration is the injection of specially formulated sterile solutions directly into the veins, for the purpose of preventing or reversing dehydration. In MMA, it is used by fighters after cutting weight, to rapidly regain body fluids between weigh-ins and fight night. On October 1st, 2015, UFC along with USADA enacted a new rule … Read more

How Can I Beat A Professional BJJ Fighter In A Street Fight?

Winning a professional fight against a Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu(BJJ) practitioner is considered one of the most difficult tasks. However, winning against one in a street fight may just be slightly easier. Here’s a simple guide on how to beat a seasoned Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu practitioner in a street fight. 1. Stand Up The best chance you have … Read more

How Often Do MMA Fighters Spar In a Week?

Sparring has been a long-debated topic within the MMA community. Some view it as an essential part of fight preparation while others see it as a potential risk to injuries. So let’s take a look at how often MMA fighters spar during the week. Firstly, there are different approaches that MMA fighters use and that … Read more

Can Steroids/PEDs Help You Win an MMA Fight?

Can Steroids Help You Win a Fight? Well, steroids are called performance enhancement drugs (PEDs) for a reason. They can enhance elements of your performance such as recovery, strength, stamina, etc. Depending on what you take. However, without the proper training, method, and even genetics there is never a guarantee that you will win a … Read more

Defend Against Ground & Pound: Butterfly Guard Vs Full Guard

Specialists such as Demian Maia and B.J Penn have provided a blueprint on the effectiveness of guards in defending strikes on the ground. However, there is still debate surrounding which guard is more effective between butterfly and full guard. What is a Butterfly Guard? The butterfly guard is one of the most utilized guards in … Read more

Why Don’t We See Navy SEALs In MMA If They Are As Good As Claimed?

It is commonly known that becoming a Navy SEAL is not easy.  But really how difficult is it to become one taking into consideration only the physical readiness needed to pass the physical tests?   The answer is not much. If you look at the physical exercises and the requirements for the physical test you can … Read more

Why Does John Morgan Get The First Question in Press Conferences?

For the new MMA enthusiasts, John Morgan is a veteran MMA journalist covering the sport professionally since 2007. He is the lead reporter for which is widely popular among MMA fans. And he always asks the first question in UFC press conferences, but why? In this article, we look at a few of the … Read more