TOP 5 MMA Promotions in Tennessee

1. Valor Fights You can’t talk about mixed martial arts in Tennessee without mentioning Valor Fights.  Valor is one of the biggest promotions in the region, with 86 events under its belt.  They have more than 500 fighters on their roster and have seen former champions go on to fight with names like Invicta, Bellator, … Read more

Top 4 MMA Promotions In North & South Carolina

1. Conflict MMA Promotions (CMMA) This promotion operates out of South Carolina. They are one of the most well-known and established mixed martial arts promotions in the southeastern region. This company has fifty events under its belt. So, if you’re looking for a promotion with experience, this might be the place for you. They’ve been … Read more

Top 4 MMA Promotions In Minnesota

1. Cage Fighting Xtreme Specializing in organizing MMA events, this Minnesota-based organization has organized more than 45 events since 2001.  Re-introduced by Brock Larson, this organization in 2021 has made the biggest come-back on the MMA organization lists from the Minnesota area.  With more than 45 events organized, the experience of arranging MMA events is … Read more

Top 3 MMA Promotions In Montana

1. Fusion Fight League With more than 40 events and 60 matches organized, this Montana-based promotion is promising and uprising with the speed of light. Organizing events since 2010, the twelve-year history of this promotion has been blooming since.  Take the last Black Hills Brawl which happened this February. Out of twelve bouts, four finished … Read more

Top 3 MMA Promotions In Mississippi

1. Summit Fighting Championship Summit Fighting Championship is a pro-fighting promotion based in Tupelo, Mississippi which is known for providing a great experience for devoted MMA fans.  They organize events since 2013 and their events are completely sold out consecutively.  With 40 organized events in the area, this is the single biggest event organizing promotion … Read more

Top 4 MMA Promotions in Michigan

1. Xtreme Fighting Championships Xtreme Fighting Championships was established in 2006 in Michigan. Up to this date, Xtreme Fighting Championships has organized whole 49 events with 428 matches in total over the territory of the entire US. Xtreme Fighting Championships has an official YouTube.  The owners have uploaded tens of videos showing the fights from … Read more

Top 3 MMA Promotions in Louisiana

Bayou Fighting Championship Bayou Fighting Championship organized its first fighting events in the summer of 2018. Since then, Bayou Fighting Championship has managed to gain decent popularity and so far has held 16 events with 40 matches in total. Most of them happening at Heymann Center, Lafayette in Louisiana and Copeland Tower Suites, Metairie in … Read more

Top 4 MMA Promotions in Spain

Below, we will show you the top 4 best MMA organizations in Spain, how long they’ve been operating, the number of events they held throughout their history, and other important information about them.  1. ANSGAR FIGHTING LEAGUE (AFL) Owner: Fran Montiel Ansgar Fighting League started in 2014. Ever since it has soared the MMA sky … Read more

Top 4 MMA Promotions in The Netherlands

Below, you will find the top 4 best organizations in the Netherlands, how long they’ve been operating, the number of events held, the best fighters, and other important information about them. 1. ENFUSION Founder: Edwin Van Os Founded: 2011 Headquarters: Alkmaar, Netherlands. Enfusion is a Dutch kickboxing and Mixed Martial Arts promotion based in Alkmaar. … Read more