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Top 5 MMA Promotions In France

1. Ares Fighting Championship

ARES Fighting Championship (AFC) was created in 2019 in Paris by Robins Tchale-Watchou and Fernand Lopez. 

Their collective goal was to offer a platform for talented young African and French fighters to compete against the best international fighters. 

They aim to become the largest MMA league in all of Africa and France.  

On December 14th 2019, ARES 1 took place in Dakar, Senegal. 

AFC has held 7 events with approximately 61 matches thus far in Senegal and France. 

AFC has a roster of both new talent and veteran UFC fighters from around the world. 

Some examples are Juan Adams, John Moraga, and John Moraga. 

Since AFC teamed up with popular mass-media company Vivendi, they have a lot of airtime on their channels for their publicity. 

AFC also has a channel on YouTube: ARES Fighting Championship with 24.3K subscribers. 

They show workouts, post-fight interviews, and full fights.  

2. 100% Fight

100% fight is the 1st French MMA league that started back in 2005 by Stephane Chaufourier who is also the founder of ATCHAcademy. 

So far in its rich history, 100% Fight has held 82 events with an estimated 943 matches. 

Since everything has gone online, 100% Fights has Pay Per View subscription packages on its official website.

As well as a YouTube channel called ‘100% FIGHT’ which shows some highlights and interviews from all their events. 

3. Hexagone MMA

Hexagone MMA was created in 2021 in Paris, France by 4 cofounders Jerome and Laurent Pourrut, David Rotschild, and Orsat Zovko.

Since its beginning in 2021, HXMMA has had 6 events so far with approximately 42 matches.

They have 2 ambitions: 

  1. Help promote/market the sport in all of France by hosting events in emblematic venues across the country. 
  2. Give their French fighters exposure to the international class of fighters 

The Hexagone MMA roster has both national and international athletes. 

The promotion plans on having a season with around 10 events per year. 

Since 2021, Hexagone MMA broadcasts its shows in over 70 countries. 

YouTube Channel: Hexagone MMA

4. FFA Challenge

Free Fight Academy is a new promotion that began in 2021 in Vitry-sur-Seine, France. 

It was founded by Mathieu Nicourt who was the first French champion in this discipline. 

Since 2021, FFA Challenge has already held 7 events with 39 matches for both men and women. 

They like to hold special events for national amateurs and are especially committed to women’s fights as well. 

FFA is broadcast on the FIGHT NATION platform which is broadcast all over the Atlantic.  

Their events are all available on their YouTube channel: FreeFightAcademyChannel 

5. Gladiator Fighting Arena

Gladiator Fighting Arena had its inaugural event back in the summer of 2014 in Nimes, France. 

It has now become their headquarters. 

Since 2014, GFA has had 12 events with approximately 108 matches for both men and women fighters. 

GFA advertises its events on its official Facebook page and gives exclusive access on to their fights. 

The website offers PPV.