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How Can I Join Bellator MMA As A Fighter?

Bellator MMA is an American MMA promotion and is generally regarded as the second-biggest MMA promotion company in the USA, so the talent pool is not far off the UFC’s. 

The promotion takes its name from bellātor, the Latin word for “warrior”, hence, if you are seeking to join Bellator as a fighter, you have got to be ready to go to war!

If you are asking this question, it is expected that you already train MMA or some martial arts so I would go straight to the point.

1. Compete in amateur fights

Firstly, you need to have some amateur wins under your belt. Competing in amateur bouts provides you with experience and makes you aware of what is to be expected in professional MMA. 

It is best to go amateur first so you can get a feel of being in the cage, and get an apprehension of which of your skills or martial arts need improvement ahead of becoming a professional MMA fighter.

AJ Mckee, the current featherweight Champion of Bellator, went 7-1 in amateur fights between 2012-2014 before turning pro. It is recommended to stay amateur until you feel comfortable enough to go pro.

2. Find an agent/manager

Once you decide to go pro, it is necessary that you get a manager who will handle all the administrative work, such as booking fights, picking the opponents, having your name on the map for bigger promotions, and helping with your progress.

Your agent, manager, or trainer should be the one helping with booking your fights unless you somehow can do that yourself. 

Some top management companies are Zinkin Entertainment & Sports Management which currently manages Phil Davis. Another top management that currently manages top Bellator Fighters is Dominance MMA (manages Khabib’s cousin Usman Nurmagamedov).

Ali Abdelaziz (head of Dominance MMA Management)

3. Go through smaller leagues/promotions

Starting at the bottom and working your way to the top describes an MMA career. It is recommended that you go through local leagues, smaller MMA promotions and then work your way up to Bellator. 

You need to have some pro fights in other leagues or otherwise be a specialist in some martial arts that can transition to MMA.

There are local leagues and promotions where you can start all around the world.

Between 2013 and 2015, Vadim Nemkov, Bellator Light-heavyweight Champion compiled a 4–0 record in Russian regional promotions, winning all 4 fights through stoppage. 

He also fought in Rizin in a Heavyweight Grand Prix. He competed in Rizin 1 and Rizin Fighting World Grand Prix 2016: Second Round.

5. Where to apply?

If you are impressive and with a good record, or simply are a popular fighter that can bring new eyes to the promotion, you would be contacted. 

Simply, if you feel you are good enough to be a Bellator accredited athlete, you should email for more for more details.

You can also contact Bellator for athlete inquiries at (312)329-1199