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Top 4 MMA Promotions in Michigan

1. Xtreme Fighting Championships

Xtreme Fighting Championships was established in 2006 in Michigan.

Up to this date, Xtreme Fighting Championships has organized whole 49 events with 428 matches in total over the territory of the entire US.

Xtreme Fighting Championships has an official YouTube. 

The owners have uploaded tens of videos showing the fights from the fighting events within the last two years.

2. Lights Out Championship

Lights Out Championship organized its first fighting event in the autumn of 2018 in Michigan.

Up to this date, Lights Out Championship has organized seven fighting events.

All of which take place at the Deltaplex Arena at Grand Rapids in Michigan.

Lights Out Championship has an official YouTube Channel.

The owners have uploaded several different videos from the first fighting events back in 2018 and 2019.

3. Carlos Llinas International Productions (CLIP)

Carlos Llinas International Productions became popular with its first fighting event at the beginning of 2018 in Detroit, Michigan.

So far, Carlos Llinas International Productions has organized almost ten fighting events all of them having happened at Motor City Casino in Detroit, Michigan. 

There are some uploaded videos from CLIP fights from various channels on YouTube. 

However, they seem to be more active on their official Facebook Page where they post highlights and photos from the fights.

4. Total Warrior Combat

Total Warrior Combat was first known with its first organized fighting event back in 2012 in Lansing, Michigan.

TWC has hosted tens of fighting events up-to-date most of which have taken place at Causeway Bay Hotel in Lansing, Michigan. 

Total Warrior Combat has an official YouTube where they have uploaded many videos from their not-so-recent fighting events.