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Who Are The UFC Matchmakers?

In this article, you will find a list of all the UFC matchmakers.

1. Mick Maynard – Vice President of Talent Relations

mick maynard
Mick Maynard with Dana White

Mick Maynard is known as the man who revived the flyweight division of the UFC (125 pounds).

Dana White was seriously thinking about finishing the 125 division, to him it didn’t draw a lot of viewers and didn’t have a deep talent pool.

That’s when Mick Maynard came to the rescue and started hiring new talent in the division, right now it is one of the most stacked divisions in the UFC.

He worked previously as the president of the Houston-based Legacy Fighting Championship.

Maynard is not just a fan of MMA, he has kickboxed all his life and recently earned his blackbelt in Brazilian jiu jitsu after fifteen years of training and practicing.

His instructor Renzo Gracie awarded him the black belt in 2018.

Mick Maynard receiving his black belt from Renzo Gracie
Mick Maynard receiving his black belt from Renzo Gracie

2. Hunter Campbell – Executive VP, Chief Business Officer, General Counsel

Hunter Campbell
Hunter Campbell with Dana White

Often referred to by Dana White as the lawyer, Hunter Campbell is a graduate of:

  • Washington University
  • University of Nevada
  • Columbia University

He occupied the position of Managing Partner at the Campbell & Williams law firm for 4 years.

Hunter Campbell is heavily involved in salary negotiations with fighters’ managers, he is also well known amongst fighters for being “the bad cop” in the company.

He doesn’t like spotlights and he prefers to work in the shadows.

3. Sean Shelby – Senior Vice President of Talent Relations of The UFC

Sean Shelby
Sean Shelby

This is the man who’s responsible for the biggest talent hiring in the UFC, he is right there next to Dana White making all the tough decisions in matchups.

In 2012 when McGregor was looking to sign in the UFC, Sean Shelby refused to sign him, for this reason, many believe that Conor McGregor held that grudge against Shelby after becoming the biggest megastar of the UFC.

Here is the email that Shelby sent to John Kavanagh, Conor McGregor’s coach.

4. Joe Silva – Former UFC Matchmaker

Joe Silva
Joe Silva with Dana White

Joe Silva was the longest employee in the UFC, he is the man who built it all alongside Dana White.

Joe Silva decided to retire when the UFC was sold in 2016 for a record-breaking $4 billion price tag to an investment group led by Endeavor.

5. Dana White – President of the UFC

Dana White does not need any introduction, one cannot be an MMA fan without knowing the man who built it all and put the sport of MMA on the map.

Although the UFC has several matchmakers, no matchup passes without a green light from Dana White, he is heavily involved in all details regarding fighters and matchups.