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5 Reasons Why MMA Is Better Than WWE (Pro-Wrestling)

To play devil’s advocate, many skeptics argue that MMA is not as real as it claims to be. They point out instances of corruption, fixing and manipulation within the sport (as we mentioned in this article). While it’s true that these issues do exist in MMA, they are not exclusive to this combat sport.

Boxing, for example, has had its fair share of corruption and fixing scandals. However, this doesn’t make boxing or MMA any less real. So, why is MMA still considered a more superior and authentic form of combat compared to WWE?

Why MMA Is Better Than WWE…

1. Is MMA Scripted? (Simply Put, No)

MMA fights are not scripted in any way. The fighters truly compete against each other with no predetermined outcome. If there was, it would be illegal and any fighter caught participating in a fixed fight would face severe consequences.

The same cannot be said for WWE, where the outcomes are predetermined and the fights are mainly for entertainment purposes. While WWE requires athleticism and skill, it is still a form of staged performance rather than a real competition.

2. Real Physical Consequences

In MMA, the fighters truly put their bodies on the line. They are not just pretending to hit each other or acting out rehearsed moves. The punches, kicks, and submissions in MMA are real and can cause serious physical damage. This adds a level of danger and intensity to the sport that is absent in WWE. Of course, there are physical consequences in WWE (jumping off ladders, getting thrown through tables), but they are often exaggerated or strategically planned to minimize actual harm.

3. MMA Has More Mixed Styles of Fighting

MMA combines various styles of combat, including striking, grappling, and submissions. This makes the fights more unpredictable and dynamic compared to WWE, which mainly focuses on choreographed wrestling moves. I mean, it’s called mixed martial arts for a reason.

4. The Risk vs Reward Factor

In MMA, fighters are constantly risking their health and well-being for a shot at victory. The amount of training and preparation that goes into an MMA fight is intense and the potential for injury is high. WWE performers have more control over the outcomes of their fights and often receive significant financial compensation without having to endure the same level of physical risk.

5. MMA Has Better Storylines

Okay, this one may be subjective, but hear me out. In MMA, the storylines are not scripted. They are created through the actual outcomes of fights and rivalries between fighters. This adds an element of authenticity and emotion that is hard to replicate in WWE’s predetermined storylines.

I mean, remember the feud between Tito Ortiz and Chuck Liddell, the former training partners? This set up an intense and highly anticipated fight between the two, with real-life history and emotions fueling the rivalry. Jon Jones vs Daniel Cormier is another example of a heated and personal rivalry in MMA that added to the excitement of their fights.

Nate Diaz and Conor McGregor’s rivalry, with its constant back-and-forth trash talk and two epic fights, is another prime example of the organic storylines that MMA provides. These characters are not created through scripts, they are real people with real personalities and histories, making for more compelling storylines.

And how can we forget the bus attack that sparked the feud between Khabib Nurmagomedov and Conor McGregor? That incident alone created a ton of buzz and hype for their eventual fight, adding to the already brewing tensions between them. These moments are something even the best scriptwriters in WWE couldn’t come up with.

In MMA, the storylines are constantly evolving and changing based on real-life events, making it a more dynamic and unpredictable world compared to the scripted and often formulaic storylines of WWE. This adds an extra layer of excitement for fans, as they never know what could happen next. From last minute injuries to unexpected call outs, the possibilities are endless.

Why Both WWE and MMA Have Their Place

While it’s clear that MMA provides a more authentic and unpredictable experience for fans, there’s still a place for WWE. WWE may not have the same level of realism and athleticism as MMA, but it offers something else that MMA can’t – entertainment.

WWE is often referred to as “sports entertainment” because it combines elements of both sports and traditional entertainment. It features larger-than-life characters, elaborate storylines, and flashy production, all designed to entertain and captivate audiences. And it’s not just about the in-ring action – WWE also includes comedic skits, musical performances, and celebrity appearances.

For many fans, WWE offers an escape from reality and a chance to let go of their everyday stresses. It may not offer the same raw athleticism as MMA, but it provides a different kind of thrill and entertainment value. Plus, there are a few WWE wrestlers who did MMA, so fans can still see their favorite wrestlers in a different setting. For example, Dave Bautista, known as Batista in WWE, has had a successful (1-0) MMA career after leaving the wrestling world.

Why Did Dave Bautista Quit MMA?

With plenty of financial opportunities and success in WWE, Dave Bautista might have found it difficult to justify continuing a career in MMA. With acting obligations and injuries, it may have been a smarter choice for him to leave the sport behind. Although we have yet to see him compete again in the cage, he is still an avid BJJ practitioner and continues to stay involved in the MMA community.

Dave Bautista is just one of the few WWE superstars that have ventured into MMA, and he had one his one and only match against Vince Lucero in 2012. Despite his background in professional wrestling, Bautista took his MMA training seriously and ended up winning his match in the first round via ground and pound. Despite saying he would continue his MMA career, Bautista ultimately decided to focus on his acting career instead.

Is MMA and WWE The Same? (Final Thoughts)

No, they aren’t the same. While both may have elements of athleticism, they cater to different audiences and have different styles of performance. MMA is a legitimate sport with rules and regulations, while WWE is more of a theatrical display that combines fighting with entertainment. Both require skill and dedication, but ultimately serve different purposes for their fans.

Some similarities may apply when it comes to pre-fight rituals or entrances. The iconic entrance music of WWE superstars often serve as a way to pump themselves up before a match, similar to how MMA fighters may have a designated entrance song. These elements add to the entertainment value of both sports, and also helps mentally prepare fighters from both industries.

Whether you prefer Vince McMahon’s billionaire strut or Conor Mcgregor’s notorious walk, it’s clear that MMA and WWE have their own unique appeals and fan bases. While there may be some overlap in terms of fans who enjoy both forms of entertainment, at the end of the day they offer different experiences for those who tune in.

Where Can I Watch MMA Tonight?

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