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BitBoy Fights More Light At Karate Combat Crypto Event

Karate Combat has been keeping major MMA organizations on their toes. Karate Combat is mixing in futuristic production elements into the traditional martial art and is continuing to grow in popularity. Karate Combat, which was founded in 2018, is known for their flashy presentations and high-octane fights that have captured the attention of fans worldwide.

With their new president, Asim Zaidi at the helm, the organization is now expanding their reach even further by providing a platform for influencers in other industries to showcase their fighting skills.

In one of their latest events, Karate Combat teamed up with BitBoy Crypto founder, Ben Armstrong, for a special celebrity fight night. Armstrong, who is known for his passion for cryptocurrency and blockchain technology, stepped into the karate arena to face off against a fellow influencer in an epic showdown.

BitBoy Wins Via Unaninmous Decision

Why This Fight Made Sense (Karate Combat Crypto)

Karate Combat has always been known for pushing boundaries and bringing something new and exciting to the table. This collaboration with Bitboy Crypto is no different. By inviting influencers from other industries, Karate Combat is able to attract new audiences and expand their reach beyond traditional martial arts fans. This not only helps grow the organization, but also brings more attention to the sport of karate itself.

Additionally, this fight between Ben Armstrong and his opponent (More Light) was a perfect match-up in terms of skill level and interest. Both individuals have a strong following in their respective industries and their passion for entertainment and sports made for an exciting showdown.

Asim Zaidi is also known for his marketing and branding expertise, and this collaboration with BitBoy Crypto is a perfect example of his vision for Karate Combat. By bringing in influencers from different industries, the organization is able to create unique and engaging events that appeal to a wider audience.

$KARATE Combat Is Bringing Crypto Into Martial Arts

Fan engagement is an important aspect of a successful martial arts organization, and Karate Combat has found a way to incorporate cryptocurrency into their fan experience. Through the use of blockchain technology, fans can now earn $KARATE tokens by participating in through their app.

This not only incentivizes engagement but also introduces the world of cryptocurrency to martial arts fans. As more people learn about and invest in $KARATE, the organization is able to further expand and grow. $KARATE enables fans to become owners in the network as Karate Combat is transitioning into a DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization).

The $KARATE token is expected to have utility beyond just a collectable as it serves as governance for the organization and its future decisions. The Karate Combat whitepaper outlines its plans to enable token holders with the ability to make decisions about marketing, fighter contracts, IP licensing, contributor selections and more.

Bringing in BitBoy to fight helps bridge the gap between martial arts and cryptocurrency, attracting new fans to both industries. This crossover not only adds excitement to the event but also showcases the potential of incorporating blockchain technology into traditional sports.

The Impact of Influencers in Combat Sports

The rise of social media has paved the way for influencers to gain massive followings and influence on a global scale. In the world of combat sports, we have seen the impact that influencers can have on events and promotions.

UFC is known for its strategic use of influencers, particularly in the lead-up to major fights. By having popular figures promote and share content about upcoming events, UFC is able to reach a wider audience and generate more buzz around their fights.

Another upcoming organization in combat sports known as Power Slap also utilized influencers to gain traction in the market. By partnering with well-known YouTubers and TikTok stars, Power Slap was able to attract a younger demographic and create hype around their unique style of fighting.

Similarly, Karate Combat’s collaboration with BitBoy Crypto showcases the power of influencers in attracting new audiences and creating unique experiences.

Plus, by catering to crypto natives and the growing interest in cryptocurrency, Karate Combat is able to appeal to a tech-savvy audience and stay on top of industry trends. It looks like ‘President Awesome’ (Asim Zaidi) may be taking a page out of Dana White’s playbook.

Final Thoughts

This fight brings more light to how crypto can be used in combat sports organizations. With the increasing influence and reach of social media influencers, it’s no surprise that combat sports promotions are utilizing this strategy to appeal to a wider audience.

Karate Combat’s partnership with BitBoy Crypto is just one example of how organizations can stay relevant and innovative by embracing new technologies and collaborating with influencers from different industries.

Although some fans of Karate Combat may not be familiar with cryptocurrency, this partnership can introduce them to a new world of possibilities and potentially attract new fans who are interested in both martial arts and crypto. Some prefer to keep these types of fights away from the mainstream while others love these side shows.

With that being said, Karate Combat is no ‘Fight Circus’, as a majority of there bouts features some of the top karate athletes in the world. This unique blend of traditional martial arts and modern technology makes Karate Combat a promising and exciting addition to the combat sports scene.