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Where To Watch Powerslap? (Free Stream)

One morning, I was witnessed a brutal fight between two individuals in what’s described as the ‘The Powerslap League’. I came across something similar a few months ago with foreign athletes slapping each other. I never expected it to become a growing sport here in North America. After seeing just seeing that one clip, I asked myself, “Where can I watch Powerslap?”

How To Watch Powerslap?

Powerslap’s Twitter and Instagram is full of free content. However, if you’re looking to watch the full event live or past events, you have a few options. Youtube is the most accessible option. Fans can watch recorded footage on the official Powerslap Youtube channel.

As a growing sport, it looks like Dana White went with the marketing strategy of providing it free to watch. This is likely in attempts to bring general attention to the sport and attract more viewers. Paying for such a fringe event, especially when you’re not sure of the quality, is a tough sell.

However, as Powerslap gains more popularity and mainstream attention, it may one day become a paid event. Therefore, catching it while it’s free to stream would be the ideal option for all fans.

Where To Stream Powerslap?

Currently, Powerslap is available to stream for free on Rumble. Rumble is a Canadian streaming platform that focuses on combat and extreme sports. It’s a perfect fit for Powerslap and has been the go-to platform for fans to watch live events.

Plus, with its growing popularity, it wouldn’t be a surprise to see Powerslap being added to other streaming platforms in the future. Powerslap has been responsible for a recent surge of viewers to Rumble, as Dana White explains in the video below.

Should You Watch Powerslap?

Now that you know how and where to stream Powerslap, the question remains… should you actually watch it? Well, if you’re a fan of the sheer violence of MMA and other combat sports, Powerslap may be worth checking out.

While the premise may seem odd at first glance, the intensity and physical power displayed in each slap is undeniable. Seeing how much damage a human can withstand and even dish out with just one slap is both impressive and unsettling.

However, if you’re not a fan of aggressive sports or don’t enjoy watching senseless violence, Powerslap may not be for you. It’s definitely not a sport for the faint of heart. If technical ability and strategy are what you’re after, look elsewhere.

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