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Why Is Dana White Promoting Powerslap?

As I was scrolling through Instagram, I came across an Instragam post of Dana White’s F*uck It Friday where he eats unique food combinations, and in this episode, he was promoting a new product called Powerslap. This left me wondering – why is Dana White promoting Powerslap?

I’ve seen the UFC President promote various products in the past, but it seemed like he had a vested interest in them, such as owning a stake in the company or having some sort of partnership.

Before this, I saw some foreign clips go viral where people are slapping each other in a competition-like fashion, which is the concept behind Powerslap. So why would Dana White, a successful and busy man like himself, take out time to promote this product?

Who Owns Powerslap?

Technically, TKO Holding Inc. owns Powerslap because this congomorate owns Endeaver, which owns Zuffa. Zuffa owns the UFC. And this is in collaboration with Powerslap. It’s a complicated corporate structure, but essentially it’s a partnership between the UFC and Powerslap. Dana White, being the president of UFC, has a stake in this partnership and is promoting Powerslap as a way to generate more revenue for the company.

Lorenzo Fertitta and Craig Piligian are also involved as Lorenzo Fertitta is a co-founder of the UFC and owner of Zuffa, while Craig Piligian is a reality TV producer. Pilgrim Media Group is the producer responsible for the production of Powerslap.

What Is Dana White’s Plans For Powerslap?

It’s no secret that Dana White is a shrewd businessman. He has successfully built the UFC into a billion-dollar company, and it’s clear that he has big plans for Powerslap. In an interview with ESPN, White mentioned his vision for the future of Powerslap:

With his experience and connections in the MMA world, Dana White plans on using Powerslap as a way to expand the UFC brand and reach new markets. He sees it as an opportunity to tap into a new audience and create a new form of entertainment within the combat sports industry.

Despite the negative press, he is still able to cut deals with network distributors and there is a building fan base for Powerslap. As a cross-promotion strategy, this makes perfect sense as it allows for the UFC and Powerslap to share resources and reach a wider audience.

Whether people are watching Powerslap to laugh at how ‘stupid’ it is or genuinely enjoy the entertainment value, it’s clear that Dana White is not afraid to take risks and try new things. He doesn’t care as long as the viewer numbers and revenue keep coming in. It’s classic PT Barnum style marketing of “any press is good press.”

By utilizing influencer marketing and streaming as their go-to market strategy, Powerslap is able to bypass traditional media outlets and reach their target audience directly. This modern approach has proven successful at building new stars such as KSI and Adin Ross, who have gained massive followings through their online presence and content creation.

Powerslap athletes have the potential to do the same and become household names through their performances in the league. When it comes to other metrics though, such as search engine keyword interest, Powerslap still has room for improvement…

With only about 3000 searches for the brand and under 100 monthly searches for terms like ‘Where to watch Powerslap’ on Google, there is still work to be done in terms of creating curiosities and gaining attention from the general public. For those that are interested, it is streaming live on Rumble for free.

This low cost entry differs from UFC’s PPV model and can help bring in more viewers who may not be willing to pay for a traditional fight. I mean, if you can’t afford the UFC PPV and there aren’t any other ways to watch the MMA fights, why not tune into a Powerslap event?

How Does Powerslap Fit Into The Combat Sports Industry?

Most fighters seem to have a negative reaction when they hear about the Powerslap concept since it’s so different from traditional MMA fighting.

However, Dana White believes that this new form of competition can coexist with UFC and other combat sports organizations.

I mean, he might be right. One of my best friends who is an avid MMA fan came to me with his thoughts about Powerslap. He thought it was less skillful but still loved the sheer violence of it.

Personally, I’m not as big of a fan of Powerslap as I am of MMA, but I can understand the appeal. It’s guaranteed to be a brutal form of competition that appeals to a different audience than traditional MMA. For those that enjoy extreme sports and adrenaline-fueled action, Powerslap offers a unique experience.

What Impact Will Powerslap Have On The MMA Community?

There’s no denying that Powerslap will have an impact on the MMA community, whether it’s positive or negative. Some may feel sick of seeing Dana White promoting Powerslap and would prefer just to see MMA. Others may welcome the addition to sports entertainment and see Powerslap as a refreshing option for those looking for something new.

Regardless of personal opinions, it’s undeniable that Powerslap is creating buzz and sparking conversations within the MMA community. They can also coexist with MMA, as they cater to different audiences and offer unique experiences. They aren’t adding slap matches to UFC cards and I doubt they ever will, so don’t worry, MMA purists.

Final Thoughts

The mainstream used to laugh at Dana White for promoting MMA and look at it now. MMA is one of the most popular sports in the world and the UFC is a multi-billion dollar organization. With Dana White’s track record, it wouldn’t be surprising if Powerslap becomes the next big thing in combat sports.

But regardless of its success, Powerslap has already made an impact by pushing the boundaries and challenging traditional forms of competition. It has sparked conversation and debate within the MMA community and brought attention to a new style of fighting. Whether you hate it or you love, you know about it and attention is value in today’s world.