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Top 2 MMA Promotions In China

China has always been known for its various mixed martial arts and unique fighting styles.

Below, you will find the best 2 MMA promotions in China. 

1. Wu Lin Feng

Wu Lin Feng, also known as WLF, is a kickboxing and MMA promotion that has been the longest-running promotion in China. 

They were founded in 2004 by Wu Lixin.

It is televised by Henan Television. 

They have now also moved internationally around Asia as well as Germany and the United States. 

WLF allows different participants such as MMA professionals, Muay Thai and K-1 fighters. 

They also represent wushu and sanda practitioners. 

Not only have they moved to various countries, but Wu Lin Feng has also started having competitions between multiple countries’ best fighters. 

This is something new and valuable that will only help grow the promotion nationally and around the globe. 

The level of fierce competition and skill will only rise from here. 

The format of these fights can sometimes be like an 8-man one-night tournament, which really gets fans excited for all the fights they get to see at once. 

WLF has a lot of fan involvement in their fights, and sometimes allows the fans to choose the participants they want to see fighting via a voting system.  

You can watch some of the fights on the Henan Television YouTube Channel – China HNTV Official Channel

2. Jue Cheng King

Jue Cheng King, JCK, promotion regularly hosts many events. 

They like to have tournament and bracket-style competitions for all their fights. 

This gives the fans a lot of fights to watch in one go, with multiple rounds of competition.

They offer fights for many weights such as flyweight, bantamweight, featherweight, and lightweight. 

One of the main reasons that JCK is well known, is because of its professionalism. 

It is one of their core values and they make sure all fighters, referees, and fans follow this notion. 

Their headquarters are in Haikou, Hainan, China.