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Top 9 MMA Promotions in California

In this article, you will find the top 8 MMA organizations in the state of California.

 1. 209 Beatdown

An American MMA promotion located at 525 N Center St, Stockton, CA 95202, United States, run by JR entertainment.

The promotion is devoted to creating chances for amateur fighters to grow through its affiliation with the California Amateur Mixed Martial Arts organization.

The promotion has structured its program to accommodate beginners in combat sports and develop them until they become professionals.

2. King of the Cage  

King of the cage also known as KOTC is an MMA promotion located in Rancho Cucamonga, California. It was founded by Terry Trebilock in 1998.

King of the Cage is of the oldest MMA promotions in the US. The promotion takes in both amateur and professional fighters.

3. Fight Club OC

An American MMA promotion located in Costa Mesa, California. Fight Club OC is managed by Roy Englebrecht Promotions.

Fight Club OC was founded in 2012 and has promoted events consistently for the last 9 years with several sold-out events.

The promotion hosted over 20 events in 2021 and aims to increase the number to about 50 in 2022.

 4. Firepower MMA

Firepower MMA Sacramento-based promotion in California. Most of its events are held at the Double tree hotel in Sacramento.

There is also a heathy mix of amateur and professional fighters in the promotion that is structured to help the new entrants evolve and grow rapidly, with this scheme in place the promotion is holding a 15-bout event with 10 professional bouts and 5 amateur bouts.

5. 559 fights 

559 Fights is an MMA promotion based in Selma, California.

In the beginning, the organization held only amateur fights, later on, they started incorporating professional fights too.

6. Lights Out Xtreme Fighting

Lights Out Xtreme Fighting is an MMA promotion created by Shawne Merriman with the sole purpose to produce the next crop of combat sport stars in MMA.

The promotion is situated in Burbank, California and has been holding events regularly over a period of time. 

7. Gladiator Challenge

An American MMA promotion based out in Apple Valley, California. It was founded by Ted Williams in 1999. 

8. Spar Star Promotions 

9. Knockout promotions

Is an American MMA promotion situated at Hawaiian Gardens, Long Beach California, the promotion has held over 30 events. The promotion holds its events at the Metroflex gym.