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Top 5 MMA Promotions In Australia

Australia is home to some great fighters like Alexander Volkonowski, Robert Whittaker, and rising star Tai Tuivasa. Before names like these graced big promotions, they’ve fought in domestic promotions within Australia. 

Here is a list of the top 5 MMA promotions in Australia:

1. Eternal MMA

Since the fall of the Australian Fighting Championship, many believe this is the promotion to be its successor.

EMMA is currently the biggest promotion in the country. Their deal with the UFC allows them to broadcast their events in UFC Fight Pass.

The promotion started back in 2012. At the end of 2021, the promotion has held a total of 63 events.

2. Hex Fighting Series

Hex Fighting Series is another big promotion in Australia. The organization does a lot to the sport itself in the country.

Similar to The Ultimate Fighter organized by the UFC, Hex Fighting Series has its own event called ‘Path To Hex’.

3. Extreme Fighting Championship

This is the oldest active MMA promotion in Australia. Xtreme Fighting Championship started back in 2003. XFC Australia is also another important player in Australian MMA.

The promotion has 60 events held to end 2021. 6 more events have been scheduled for 2022. 

Robert Whittaker who is an icon in the sport fought in XFC in the early stage of his professional career.  

4. Coastal Combat MMA

Coastal Combat is a relatively new promotion in Australia. It did start back in 2016 but climbed the ranks recently.

The first 2 years of the promotion were dull, with only one event per year. They’ve seen some success lately, but not enough to role with the promotions mentioned above.

5. BEAST Championship

Just like Coastal Combat MMA, BEAST Championship is also still in its growing stages. It started in 2019.

Unlike Coastal Combat, BEAST Championship has had a good run lately, with 7 events under their banner in 2021. They also have 2 events already scheduled for 2022.