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Where Can I Watch Past UFC Events/fights?

Sometimes all you need is an uninterrupted stream of UFC fights but unfortunately, the finest quality isn’t always available.

In certain cases, the websites you come across can be downright awful.

Therefore, we’ve done thorough research to present you with the finest free UFC streaming sites.

Here’s a list:

1. MMAshare:


This channel is exclusively for UFC events. 

You may watch and listen to MMA fights and podcasts for free.

The site is simple and there’s nothing much to do but watch UFC fights. 

That’s a good thing since we’re eager to get straight to action right? 

Check out MMAshare to see the exciting contests for free.

2. MMA Fights:


MMA Fights is one of the most popular free sites for watching the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC). 

This website offers free live streaming of UFC fights and events. 

You can watch content in the highest possible quality on the free website.

The website’s interface and use are quick and easy, so you can effortlessly watch your favorite UFC fights.

To view UFC fights, utilize the search bar in the upper right.

Since the main page only shows the most popular or most demanded events.

3. MMA Full:


MMA Full is one of the top websites to watch UFC past events and replays.

You can watch anywhere and anytime for free without signing up with credit cards.

The interface is user-friendly, and one can watch lag-free UFC events for free. 



MMAVN is one of the best platforms to watch UFC replays as well full fights for free.

One of the best features of this website is that on its main page you can see all the videos.

Never miss your favorite UFC fights now!

5. MMA Core:


MMA Core is one of the best sites for keeping up with the latest news from the UFC world.

In addition, it offers a UFC videos section that essentially contains past event recordings that are completely free.

6. All Wrestling:


AllWrestling is included among the best websites to watch UFC past fights free of cost.

You can simply open their site and access amazing fights in the UFC segment.

Click on the link below and enjoy your favorite sport.

7. WatchWrestling24:


WatchWrestling24 is another famous website to watch UFC live streams as well as past fights.

It includes a broad list of UFC old event recordings.

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