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ONE FC Vs. UFC (statistics) Who Is Bigger On Social Media?

In the world of MMA, the UFC is the oldest and most established MMA promotion company. 

Since its inception in 1993, it has held around 600 events and has a worldwide audience. 

It is estimated to be valued at around $5 billion taking into account its worldwide broadcast deals and pay-per-view earnings. 

One FC is a younger promotion company that was set up in 2011. 

Initially, it focused on the Asia-Pacific market and is presently looking to expand to markets like North America and Europe. It is presently valued at $1billion.  

Below, you will find a full comparison between the UFC and ONE FC to see who has the biggest reach on social media and who has the biggest number of viewers.


On YouTube, UFC has over 5 billion views whereas One FC lags behind with around 2 billion views. 

This may be explained by the fact that the UFC YouTube account was created in 2006 while the One FC YouTube account was only created in 2011. 

UFC also has the edge over One FC in terms of uploads and subscribers with 11,450 uploads and 13.4 million subscribers. 

On the other hand, One FC has 7,157 uploads and 4.6 million subscribers. 

It is rather interesting that both channels have around 90 million views over the past 30 days. 


The UFC Facebook page is rather popular with 22,897,210 page likes and around 200,000 people talking about UFC. 

One FC comes close with 21,721,420 page likes and over a million people talking about it. Therefore, in terms of engagement on Facebook, One FC can be said to be superior. 


One FC has uploaded around 20,000 posts on Instagram. 

It has 6,638,659 followers. 

The average post receives 15,872.90 likes and 148.25 comments.

UFC on the other hand has around 26,000 media uploads with 32 million Instagram followers. 

The average post by UFC receives almost 100,000 likes and 800 comments.

UFC definitely has a better Instagram game than One FC. 

Despite having a similar number of uploads UFC has way more followers and engagement with its followers.  


On Twitter, UFC has 9,553,349 followers. 

The UFC Twitter account was created in 2007 and it has sent out 120,087 tweets ever since. These tweets have received

One FC lags behind UFC in its use of Twitter. 

It has 1,075,384 followers. 

Since the creation of the account in 2011, it has tweeted 17,863 times and its tweets have received 2,489 likes. 


Both UFC and One FC have made around 800 uploads on TikTok. 

However, in terms of engagement UFC is more popular. 

UFC has 10,700,000 followers to the 2,30,000 of One Championship. 

UFC has received 165,100,000 for its posts while One FC has only received 51,200,000 likes.  

Broadcast Television, Streaming and Pay-per-view

It has been reported by Nielsen Analysis that as of 2020 One FC had a slightly higher cumulative reach. 

However, UFC had more content available and was broadcast for longer hours than One FC. 


One FC seems to have better engagement with its audience on Facebook. 

While on other forms of social media like Twitter, YouTube, TikTok etc.

UFC remains the top-dog. 

However, One FC has a higher potential for growth since it is still expanding to markets all around the world.