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Top 4 MMA Promotions in the State Of Georgia

In this article, we share 4 of the best MMA Promotional organizations in Georgia.

1. Strike Hard Productions

With headquarters in Alabama, SHP has over 500 trained fighters and regular fight-offs. 

Their events include professional matches as well as debut amateur fighters. 

This promotion is one of the best known across the region, founded in 2008 and acquired by B2 Digital Company.

It’s run by Jamie Sullivan. 

Information about tickets and events can be seen on their Facebook page.

2. Alabama Fighting Championship

Founded by Sam McAlpin, AFC has a unique line-up of amateur and professional MMA athletes. 

Details about individual fighters are present on their website, along with updates about their events and a merchandise shop. 

Though their Facebook page is more active, with live streaming of matches and direct updates from the management.

3. American Fighting League

AFL is a professional MMA Promoter with headquarters in Albertville, Alabama.

AFL organizes regular events sporting amateur as well as pro-athletes in both male and female categories, with debut appearances as well. 

AFL is owned and operated by Willie and Jose Evans. 

Tickets and information about their events and match cards are available on their Facebook and Instagram pages.

4. Southeastern Combat Championships

Last but not the least, SCC features Professional MMA and kickboxing fighters from all around the southeast. 

Founded by MMA fighter Jimmy Mills, who has also fought internationally. 

Now he is retired and coaching professional fighters while managing his own promotion organization. 

Apart from the regular amateur and professional fighting matches, SCC also features kids/teens Brazilian Jujitsu and grappling matches.

Updates about match fixtures and athletes are available on their Facebook page, with links to websites for tickets as well.

The Final Word

Whether you like watching the matches online from the comfort of your couch or want to feel the heat in a live event, all of the above promotions are some of the best there are.

With amateur athletes competing for the first time or professional fighters keeping their winning streaks, such events are worth the time (and money!).